Experts warn that by 2050, one in every three adults may have diabetes type 2. Fortunately, prediabetes can be managed with the right prediabetes diet and exercises. Researchers from the John Hopkins University found that when used in combination to achieve a weight loss of at least 10% within the first year, prediabetes diets and exercises reduced the risk of developing diabetes type 2 by 85% within 3 years. The Diabetes Prevention Program has also estimated that losing around 15 pounds within the first year following diagnosis decreases one’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 60% over 3 years.

But to properly understand how to shocking these statistics are, it’s imperative to educate oneself on the damage diabetes causes. Long-term diabetes can cause, among other things, dramatic skin infections and limb loss. Individuals that deal with diabetes on a regular basis have a weakened immune system that fails to prevent common issues like bacteria buildup and infection. Diabetics are susceptible to yeast infections, skin growth, urinary tract infections, fungal accumulation and boils located on the skin. An extensive list of side effects associated with diabetes can be found below:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Poor oral health
  • Inability to hear
  • Restless sleep and insomnia

Currently, there are 79 million Americans who suffer from prediabetes – a condition, characterized by high blood sugar (glucose) levels, most often due to insulin resistance. People with prediabetes have heightened glucose levels that are yet not within the range of diabetes, but if left untreated, the condition can progress into type 2 diabetes. In fact, without treatment, it’s estimated that around 15-30% of patients with prediabetes will go on to develop the condition within 5 years.

What is the link between prediabetes diet and avoiding diabetes?

Some of the factors that increase your risk for prediabetes are genetics, excess body fat and sedentary lifestyle. In prediabetes, blood glucose levels are elevated because insulin cannot move the sugar into the cells quickly enough. This leads to a build up of sugar or the so-called ‘sugar spikes’.

Certain fat- and carbohydrate-rich foods make it even harder for your organism to process the sugar which can lead to dangerous blood sugar spikes. If you tend to overeat, the excess calories will be stored as fat which has been linked to greater risk of insulin resistance.

What is the prediabetes diet?

Adopting the right prediabetes diet can not only help you lose weight and feel better in your body but significantly decrease your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. In its core, prediabetes diets consist of low-fat, low-calorie and high-fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and legumes rich in protein. On the other hand, to prevent overeating and weight gain, you should steer clear of artificial sugars and fats.

Glycemic food index

To figure out which foods are suitable to treat prediabetes, you can use the Glycemic index as a guide. It ranks foods based on the rate at which they are processed by the organism and affect blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates, for instance, come in two types – some are digested slowly which leads to a more gradual increase in blood sugar; others are processed rapidly which creates the dangerous blood sugar spikes. Refer to the Glycemic index to find which carbohydrates you should avoid and which you can still incorporate into your prediabetes diet.

As a rule of thumb, foods with GI value of 55 or less will raise your blood sugar more slowly. You can also include foods with moderate GI index (between 55 and 70) in moderation but make sure to steer clear of foods that will rapidly increase your blood glucose levels (these will normally have a GI value of 70 or higher).

Foods high in refined sugar and fats tend to have higher GIs as well. Whole wheat, cereals, and grains, on the other hand, have lower GIs compared to their white counterparts (white bread, white cereals, jasmine and long-grain rice). You should also remove white potatoes from your diet and instead, replace them with sweet potatoes, vegetables, and protein-packed legumes.

You can also incorporate pastas (ideally, whole-wheat) into your prediabetes diet. Because of the way their starches are bound, they tend to have low GI values and affect your blood sugar levels more slowly. Replace short-grain rice and jasmine rice with more prediabetes-friendly foods like parboiled rice, basmati rice and brown rice. To introduce some variety into your diet, you can also try vegetable noodles like udon.

Prediabetes-friendly foods:

right aproach prediabetes diet 2
  • Steel-cut oats (but not instant oatmeal)
  • Stone-ground whole wheat bread
  • Non-starchy vegetables – carrots, field greens
  • Beans, sweet potatoes, corn
  • Whole-wheat pasta

Decrease your portions

Because excess fat, especially in the belly area, increases your risk of developing diabetes type 2, you should also aim to decrease your portions. More often than not, people tend to overeat without even realizing it. Refer to food labels to determine how much you’re eating, and strive to have a calorie intake lower than the number of calories you burn throughout the day. Also, practice mindful eating – only eat when you’re hungry, eat slowly and stop when you’re full, not when your plate is empty.

Go for fiber-rich foods

It’s a good idea to stock up on fiber-rich foods. They can help you feel fuller for longer periods of times; fiber also adds bulk to your diet and ensures more regular bowel movements. A good prediabetes diet should contain fiber-rich foods like beans and legumes, grains like quinoa and barley, whole grain cereals and pasta, and vegetables with edible skin, all of which can help you avoid diabetes.

Switch to healthy fats

Make sure you don’t avoid fatty foods altogether but switch to healthier alternatives. Olive oil, nuts, seeds, and avocado are all fantastic choices to add to your prediabetes diet. Make sure you stay away from full-fat dairy products and instead, switch to reduced-fat cheeses, non-fat or low-fat yogurts, and skimmed milk.

Avoid sugary drinks and alcohol

Doctors also recommend cutting down on your sugary drink consumption. A single 12oz can of soda can contain as much as 45 grams of carbohydrates, which is the maximum recommended amount for an adult woman. Sugary drinks like sweet tea, juices, sweetened lemonades and sweetened coffees (this includes mochas and lattes) won’t help you feel full but will increase your risk for obesity at the same time.

Instead, to treat prediabetes and prevent it from developing into full-blown type 2 diabetes, switch to water. Make sure you’re well hydrated – often, people mistake thirst for hunger which can lead to overeating and weight gain. Make sure to drink alcohol in moderation, as many alcoholic drinks are dehydrating, and cocktails and sweet liqueurs can spike your glucose levels.

Follow these tips and combine your prediabetes diet with moderate exercise to reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.
The Epidemic of Diabetes Explained

Using Arivale for the treatment of prediabetes


Arivale Program

Diabetes is, quite literally, one of the nastiest health-related issues within our society at the moment. In fact, statistics released by the American Diabetes Association speculates that 30-million individuals within the United States suffer from some form of diabetes. As these statistics increase, certain software technologies (like Arivale) have created outlets for people to come together for real change and tangible results.

How to Prevent Diabetes: The Arivale Approach

One of the leading prediabetes treatments available to sufferers is, remarkably, habitual behavior implemented into their lifestyle. A healthy diet filled it fibrous foods such as lean meats, organic vegetables, little to no sugar and minimized processed foods has worked wonders. But let’s face it: Getting into shape and following a diet is hard — that’s where Arivale comes in!

Arivale is one of the most profound prediabetes and diabetes treatments with numerous patients using their services from around the globe. Arivale acts as an all-in-one platform that seamlessly connects diabetics with the tools they need to overcome their health issues:

  • One-on-one calls and texting with a nutrition expert
  • DNA mapping and 40+ blood markers to understand your health
  • Lifestyle analysis and management, including stress and sleep
  • A wellness action plan and dashboard unique just to you
  • A motivational network of personal coaches, mentors and like-minded individuals.
  • A collaborative space for real progress to be made.

Includes a proven record on dealing with Diabetes:

  • 40+ markers from your blood tested every six months to track and improve inflammation, diabetes risk, nutritional deficiencies, and more.
  • 45% of members who had high levels of HbA1c, a risk factor for type 2 diabetes, moved into a healthy range.

Arivale is, without a doubt, one of the biggest game-changers in the diabetic community. From the person that feels they may be pre-diabetic to the person suffering with type 2, they have it all. Lifestyle changes and fitness goals are easily accomplished through the team of experts that work with clients through the Arivale health coaching platform.

Diabetic Success — Get in the Arivale Program!

For diabetics that want to radically shift their diet while simultaneously avoiding the side effects of diabetes, a coach is necessary. While having a personal coach has been directly correlated to improving odds for success in the business world, health enthusiasts need a guide for optimal results. The creators of Arivale took this into consideration and created an expansive array of personal trainers and mentors to connect with diabetics. Sharing your unique experience with a Arivale health coach will lead to an amazing transformation, a nutritious prediabetes diet and abundant energy.

For more information on how to prevent diabetes and create a prediabetes diet today, follow this link: Arivale. Don’t let an outside force, especially one that can be greatly reduced in its influence, control your lifestyle.


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